Dee White is a young television writer with a beautiful girlfriend, a thriving career, and a harsh spotlight following her progress as a young black lesbian in the wilds of Hollywood. When she’s hired to workshop a screenplay written by Mike Walter, longtime TV veteran and her writing idol, Dee is ecstatic at the chance to work directly with the man whose work taught her to write. But Mike isn’t so thrilled, especially when the studio makes it clear that Dee is being brought in to make his script a little more “socially modern.” Tempers clash as the past and future of storytelling come to a flashpoint between the two writers, and as things get heated the lines between writing and reality begin to blur…


The God of Isaac, Ishmael, and Abraham works in mysterious ways. As climate change and man-made destruction tears away at the fabric of the world, God will try whatever God can to save God's first and most precious creation. From a New Ark to an Exodus in Space, this cycle of five short plays explores the almighty in the context of environmental devastation and the increasingly unclear course of humanity's future.

That Heaven's Vault Should Crack

Today is the day that John will take his guns to school and shoot as many people as he can. But before he does, he’ll be visited by a series of apparitions that include his heroes and predecessors in the history of mass shootings. Guided by these ghosts on a journey through his own life, John confronts his anger, his fear, and the most important decision in the lives of victims yet-to-be.


As the Warner family gathers for their annual summer vacation to a quaint little cabin on Martha’s Vineyard, tensions are (like always) running high. Older brother Davy has recently lost his job and has moved back into his mother Ellen’s house, bringing his prelingually deaf daughter Koko with him, while Ellen herself has just come off a brutal divorce. But Jenny arrives at the Vineyard with not one, but two guests in tow: her fiancé Eli, nervous about spending a month with his (white) in-laws, and a mysterious new friend named Ollie. As Ollie immediately clicks with the rest of the family, his presence seems a blessing in this neurotic and dysfunctional atmosphere. But things are not always as they appear, and the truth of Ollie’s identity will rock the Warners to their very core as old secrets resurface and new transformations sink in.

The Gentleman Caller

A rowdy group of American women come together across time, space and culture to ask the political question of today: “what DO women want?” From a living room in Seattle to a police station in Alabama, more than fifteen characters weather the effects of capitalism, white supremacy, and the issue of dressing for the job you want. In a nod to female playwrights such as Caryl Churchill and Maria Irene Fornes, Daughters of the American Evolution explores the past of the American woman, the present in which she struggles to exist, and the dark possibilities of the future.


land of no mercy: un drama americana (en zvey aktn)

The apartment sits on the corner of Monroe and Clinton, tucked away in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. It’s a cozy little place, just big enough for two—but which two? Yetta and Solomon, the Jewish immigrants from 1915, business owners fighting to get through each day and hold on to a world thousands of miles away, while they worry about starting a family in the Land of Opportunity? Or Maria and Alex, the millennial oddballs of the present who sweep into the neighborhood on a tide of gentrification, struggling to keep their college relationship viable in the face of new stressors, new ambitions, and new neighbors? A century apart but close enough to touch, two couples inhabit the same cramped apartment. Their stories weave together, contrasted throughout history, a collage of youth, hope, and uncertainty in what Tony Kushner calls “the melting pot where nothing melted”.


The job of a figure model is simple: strip, pose, and whatever you do, keep still. But when a veteran model finds herself sharing the stage with an opinionated newcomer, hot tempers and rash decisions explode into a chaotic conflict that renders the calm of peace impossible. POSE is a series of portraits chronicling a wild relationship, a fall from grace, and a glimpse of the light from the bottom of the well.

Watch Me Burn

Prometheus “Methe” Graham, a young black New York City firefighter, is determined to rely on herself and no one else. But the heat is rising: the stresses of her mother’s recent death, her teenage sister’s rebellion, her captain’s doubts, and the disapproval of her Harlem neighbors create an ongoing psychic holocaust that threatens to consume her from within. There are those—like Methe’s next-door neighbor Sophia, who starts out friendly and ends up in bed, or her firehouse buddy Andre, who’s not sure whether his loyalties lie with the job or with those he works beside—that try to penetrate her self-selected isolation. But when the time comes, it seems unlikely that they can spare her the revenge taken by the flames she has fought so hard to conquer.

Toine and Katie are a young interracial couple, trying to survive in the aftermath of a racial apocalypse that has plunged the United States into violence and chaos. As Toine scavenges for supplies in the ruined city, a pregnant Katie waits restlessly in their squatter’s shelter on the outskirts. Meanwhile, Toine’s sister Val emerges as the semi-mythic narrator of the play, a brutal insurrectionist, inspirational leader of the revolution, and passionate prophet of suffering and rebirth.

We Are The Light of the World

The Snowstorm

In 1950s Chicago, a fierce winter storm isn't the only thing raging. When the oldest son of an influential Reform rabbi brings home a mysterious fiancée, the entire household is thrown out of balance. A friendly dinner does little to diffuse tensions, instead revealing that the younger brother has his own budding relationship—with the family’s lifelong Black maid. As their sons embrace the secular standards with which they’ve been raised, Rabbi Goldman and his wife have to decide what’s more important to them: the traditions of their people, or the future of their children. Roles and expectations of post-World War II America are explored through the relationships that run back and forth like telephone wires across the snow-bound city. Who protects the boundaries of the home—and who redefines them?


Expedition twists, twines, and collides with time as two epic journeys are played out across the American continent. In 2014, two young men struggle to sustain a relationship in the face of distance and change; in 1804, Lewis and Clark embark upon an expedition to cross the continent and reach the Pacific coast. Whether confronting old taboos or forging new alliances, both partnerships tackle American history in the making, charting a difficult course for territory that is both promising and terrifying.